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Raising Vibration!

The work I do – Indian Head Massage, Reiki and Seichem, Foot Massage, Kundalini Yoga and Meditation – all help people relax and find balance in their daily lives. They help them release tension, aches and pains, improve mental and emotional health and promote relaxation and the body’s self-healing capacity. This is how I’ve understood my work.

Now I’m beginning to see my work in a different way. Each and every one of us is made of up vibrating molecules. Each person, table, chair, house, car, sheet of metal, everything is made up of vibrating molecules. Some vibrate very slowly like molecules that form a table, a rock or ice. Others vibrate very fast like steam molecules – water molecules converted to a faster vibration through heat.

When we are stressed about something or just going about living our lives, every thought we think, everything we feel, changes molecules within us. They begin to vibrate differenly. When we’re stressed, molecules in our shoulders may vibrate and change to create knots of tension. Molecules in our nervous system change causing butterflies in our stomach. The molecules we’re made up of are constantly being affected by the evironment within us and outside of us. What we think and feel can create molecules within the body.

When I give an Indian Head Massage or Reiki and Seichem session, or teach a yoga or meditation class, I am helping people to change how the molecules in their body vibrate. Each therapy or practice helps raise our vibration. We raise our vibration from heavy and tight thoughts and emotions to lighter thoughts and emotions of peace and joy.

By raising our vibration, we improve our health.

Here are some resources to help you increase your knowledge around this:
Gaia documentary call EMotion
Book: Molecules of Emotion by Dr. Candace B. Pert

I’m so excited to keep learning more and more about research that’s helping to explain the work that massage therapists, energy healers, yoga teachers and other holistic professions do.

Bye for now!

Tracy Fitzgerald