How Did I Get Into All This?

This is a question I am asked a lot…How did I get into Indian Head massage, Reiki, yoga and everything else like this. First a little review of what I’ve done and am doing.

I loved aromatherapy 20 years ago as a teenager and loved how the oils could help me feel mentally and emotionally better. When I went to study aromatherapy in 2007, the course was full and I was offered a place on an Indian Head Massage course. I was drawn to do Reiki and Seichem in 2012 as well as Meditation Facilitator training. Then I started my aromatherapy diploma at the end of 2015, Kundalini Yoga in 2016, and Aromatic Kinesiology in 2016 and 2018. This year I’m doing Reiki and Seichem level 3 and finishing my aromatherapy diploma.

I feel drawn to do it is the first reason. Another reason is because I want to earn a living doing something I love. I’ve worked hard to become as qualified as I am and it’s a joy to use my knowledge and experience to help other people. Whatever we aim for in life, we’re always working to create a life filled with joy. To get joy, we need to clear out mental and emotional patterns that no longer serve us. We also need to reflect on what patterns we want to create. People who get treatments or come to meditation or yoga classes find a supportive place to be themselves for a short time and figure themselves out. They feel great afterwards.

I do what I do to serve people and help them along in their journey, just as I have been helped by therapists and teachers.

Have a good weekend!

Sat Nam!

Tracy Fitzgerald