Reflections On My Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training

This weekend I completed the eight month Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training course in Westport.  I’m a big personal development fan, and of everything I have ever done, this course topped it. Today’s blog is a brief reflection on the course. Many of the wonderful effects of the course will be discovered over the weeks and months ahead!

Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, my life has been transformed since I started the course in April 2016. Through the kriyas (postures and meditations) and chanting mantras, I have dealt with old and recent issues that were blocking me from the life I wanted to create.

Some of the things I’ve healed and cleared are inner anger, overcoming challenges, prosperity issues, self love, self confidence, becoming comfortable with being myself, as well as a host of other benefits. I’ve learned how to put a daily practice together and I don’t miss a day now. My life is very different now and not only is that OK, it’s amazing! I amazed myself over the last few months.

It’s so hard to describe what the course was like. Yoga is about the experience. Throughout the course, our teachers Guru Sahai and Jai Kartar led us to a deeper awareness and understanding ourselves. It was challenging and liberating at the same time. 

Then there was the wonderful experience of sharing the journey with other students. Doing the course in Westport was amazing, it allowed for our group to really connect and work together, as we cooked and ate, learned and supported each other.

If you’d like to teach yoga, or if you’re sick of your own story, if you want to change it and change in a highly dynamic and effective way, then I highly recommend you check out the upcoming course beginning in Westport in March 2017.  More details can be found from Joanna Moran, aka, Guru Sahai Kaur, at her website: https://gurusahaiyoga.com/kundalini-yoga/kundalini-yoga-teacher-training/

Sat Nam!

Tracy Fitzgerald aka Saraswati Preet Kaur



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