I Love New Moons!

There is a new moon tonight, at approximately 1:11am on October 1St, 2016.

I love new moons and this one feels particularly special.  New moons bring a refreshing influx of positive energy.  New moons are a time of new beginnings and setting intentions for the wonderful new things you’d like to manifest in your life!!

Energetically, September was a very challenging month. There was Mercury Retrograde and it was Eclipse season. We are part of this wonderful cosmos and the movements of the planets do affect us. So many people experienced personal clear out’s of old emotional baggage. It was an emotionally challenging month for so many people.

The challenge of September is in stark contrast to the energy of this new moon. This new moon has a light, optimistic, happy energy.  It has an energy of possibility and a feeling like dreams really can come true. Of course, sometimes manifesting is not that easy and whatever intentions you set tonight, there may be lessons to learn as you manifest your hearts desires. Those lesson are why we’re here.

When I finish this blog, I’ll be picking up my journal for a new moon ritual. This is what I’ll be doing:

1. What am I grateful for since the last new moon?

2. What would I like to manifest going forward?

Then I’m going to light the piece of paper they’re written on and put it in the stove so both my thanks and intentions are sent to the universe.

Wishing you a wonderful happy new moon!
Best wishes,

Tracy Fitzgerald



When Overwhelm Threatens…

Or actually takes over. Sometimes we don’t realise we’re overwhelmed until something happens to make us stop in our tracks…like crying over spilled milk.

It is so easy to get overwhelmed…family, work, friends, car maintenance, house maintenance, kids, social media, TV, needs, musts, wants, shoulda’s, coulda’s, would’s!

What a world we live in.

A friend and I laugh at each other. When one of us is overwhelmed and scattered, the other is calm and together. For the last few days, I’ve been the one who has been overwhelmed and scattered.

Sometimes it’s busyness that causes overwhelm. Sometimes it’s emotional baggage coming up for clearing. This week it has being emotional baggage.

So what do you do when stuff you thought you’d healed and let go of comes up again? You roll with it. You go with the flow so that this new layer that’s opened up can be healed. You practice self-care. In my case, I got Reiki, Bach flowers, did my yoga practice and journaled.

Feeling overwhelmed by busyness or emotions is hard. Identifying overwhelm is hard. Reaching out for help needed be hard. So, here are some tips for coping with overwhelm:

1. Reach out and talk to a friend.
2. Practice self-care: get a session of your favourite therapy, take an Epsom salt bath, find something you love to get and give it to yourself.
3. Talk a walk in nature, whatever or wherever is your favourite spot. There is nothing more grounded than nature!
4. Journal your thoughts and feelings to find out what’s really overwhelming you and also, it’ll help you find a path out of overwhelm.
5. Mind your diet. Eat wholesome foods and be careful not to numb emotions with food, alcohol or drugs. Numbing emotions don’t make them go away. Feel the emotions and let them flow through you!

Mind yourself!

Best wishes,

Tracy Fitzgerald


How Awareness Helps You

At last Wednesday’s meditation group, we talked about the importance of awareness. Awareness can be such a buzz word, but what does it actually mean?

The dictionary definition of awareness is “knowledge that something exists, or understanding of a situation or subject at the present time based on information or experience”.

When we apply this to ourselves, what we mean is that learn to understand our wants, needs and motivations by using awareness. For example, in 2011 when I was getting recurrent chest infections, I realised that it was caused by stressful, grief related shallow breathing. By breathing properly into my belly, and my managing stress, the recurrent chest infections stopped.

Awareness means questioning your behaviours and reactions to situations. When you have a sugar craving, it’s asking yourself a few questions. Why do I need a sugar high? What am I trying to emotionally numb? Is there a better way to deal with this feeling? Am I thirsty? Do I to change what I eat at breakfast, lunch or dinner to something more life-affirming and life-giving than sugar?

Awareness can be brought to relationships, work, money and health. Through awareness, you’re looking at sources of joy and seeing how those sources can be built on for the future. You’re also looking at sources of tension, and seeing how you can stop experiencing that tension in the future.

It’s not always easy or pretty looking at ourselves. It is really worth it. I’m reminded of a quote I saw on Facebook over the weekend, that I thought was quite funny: “This too shall pass. It might pass like a kidney stone. But it will pass.”

Awareness, rather than burying our head in the sand, helps things to pass.

Sometimes we need help and support as we become aware and face what’s going on in our lives. Sometimes, we need emotional balm for our lives. That’s where I can help with Indian Head Massage, Reiki and one-to-one Meditation sessions. There are also two meditation groups in Castlebar (Wed 8pm) and Louisburgh (Tues, 10:30am).

Wishing you a fab week!

Best wishes,

Tracy Fitzgerald