Moon Cycle Musings: 3 Aug 2016

As I blogged about on Sunday, I’m in the middle of a yogic diet, and that essentially means no sugar and no processed food, and no alcohol. On Sunday I wrote about emotional eating. Today I want to think about moon cycles, or menstrual cycles. Yesterdays New Moon has also got me thinking about this.

Through my work, Reiki, Indian Head Massage and Meditation, and now my yoga training, I work with flow constantly. It’s all about bringing the body, mind, emotions and spirit back into balance.

Yesterday was the second day of my period, and my muscles were really tense and sore. I spent yesterday morning with a hot water bottle to my back, stomach, head and any part of me that was aching.

It got me thinking, especially since I’m doing this yogic diet, surely there’s an easier way to have my period. Surely I’m not the only woman who experiences the highs and lows of the moon cycle. It’s not just the period itself, but the week or two of PMS before that. The fatigue, and irritability can be an awful experience.

As a woman, there is a natural cycle and flow to my body every month. Surely there’s a way to work with this cycle, to flow with it so life becomes easier? On different weeks of our cycle, we have different energy needs and I’m sure that means different dietary needs.

So, I’m going to start learning how to flow with my natural cycle, and blog about it. So hopefully you’ll find something to help you too!

Just half an hour ago, I was googling about balance and this article came up in the Google search: Reverse The Curse – Benefits of Your Period, by Marcelle Pick, OB/GYN NP. I love serendipity!!  It was just what I was looking for!  Here are a couple of paragraphs from the article

    “Your menstrual cycle is essential to helping you learn, plan for, and make choices about your personal well being, mood, exercise — and naturally, your sex life.”

    “Your menstrual cycle is distinctive to you. I encourage you to take a better look at the benefits that I have outlined below. This will help you to determine how your cycle affects your health and well-being in each area. Remember, if you are taking birth control pills, your cycle is regulated by the pill, rather than natural hormones, so you will not experience all of the benefits outlined below. Here are some of the most essential health benefits of your period:

    • You can know when your hormones are in or out of balance.
    • You can learn about your bones, thyroid, and metabolic wellness.
    • You can identify your best days for sexual arousal and enjoyment.
    • You can leverage improved energy for your exercise and fitness routine.
    • You can inform your health decisions about your life.
    • You can create emotional wellness.”

    I highly recommend reading the article to get a fuller understanding of the benefits of your period!  Here’s the link:   Reverse The Curse – Benefits Of Your Period

    So that’s it for Moon Cycle Musings for the moment, there’s so much more I want to write about.

    lots of love,

    Tracy xxx

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