Stress Management

Surrender To What Is

The theme of my life this week is “surrender”.   Surrender to what is.   Everything in my life, whether it’s work, friendships, diet, the weather, everything…it is what it is.   When I surrender to what is, I’m not giving up or giving in to anything.   It means I’m accepting the way life sits at the moment.   Usually this happens when I’m tired.

This tiredness usually comes from keeping my eye on the destination, to some point in the future, too much and not being mindful of the present.   Tiredness happens when I’ve put too much energy and thoughts and fears into how I’m going to get to that wonderful future destination where everything is going to be OK.   Tiredness comes from giving my power away to the future…to the unknown.

Then I get those words in my head…”Surrender…Surrender to what is”.   I’ve learned now that when I hear those words, I just stop.  I let go of the wants, the needs, the have to’s and the shoulds.   I just sit in the present, not judging it, just accepting what is.   It is what it is.

Then I feel relief pour through my body.   The struggle eases.   I haven’t given up.  I’m just on a time out.  And that’s OK.  It’s OK to take a time out, to regroup, to appreciate what I already have, to give my intuition, heart and brain a chance to realign and work together in the present.

Surrendering to the present means I am being happy in the present.  Even if it’s not where I want to be yet.  It means being happy in the present so I can be happy in the future.

Just for today, I surrender.

I surrender to what is. 🙂


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