Stress Management

PMS is a Western Phenomena

I read an article last week in issue 94 of Network (Ireland’s holistic magazine) that said there are cultures around the world where there is no PMS.   I’m still in shock.  I thought PMS was a universal challenge for women.   But no, it’s primarily a Western world issue and the demand for women to be always on the go.

In the West, menstruation is a hush hush topic that women barely talk about with each other, never mind bringing men into the conversation.

The author of the article, Lucy Pearce, writes that:

  • Japan legally enshrined the right for menstrual leave in 1947
  • Since 2013, Taiwan legislates for an additional three days sick leave a year
  • In Indonesia, women are entitled to two days off a month for menstruality, and in South Korea too.

Being forced to ignore the fact that our body’s change a lot through 28 days takes it toll on our body and minds, leading to PMS.   While I’m not about to start a campaign to introduce menstrual leave, it did get me wondering…what can we do to manage PMS?  I’ve had a few thoughts…

  • Accept and respect that our body has a natural cycle to follow.
  • Work with a nutritionist to find out what is the best food and/or supplements to take uniquely for you and your body-type to help manage PMS.   I started working with a nutritionist two months ago and since she suggested taking krill oil, it’s helped alleviate my PMS.   But you may need something else.
  • Embrace holistic practices that help balance body, mind and spirit, for example, meditation, massage, Indian Head Massage, Reiki and yoga.   All these practices work with you on multiple levels and when practiced over the course of a few months, can help women manage PMS.
  • Talk to your friends, ask them how they manage PMS, find a support network.   Imagine, one of your closest friends or work colleagues could be doing or using something that is alleviating their PMS, and it could help you, except you don’t talk about periods.

As I start looking for more ways to manage PMS . . . I’ll share them with you!