Stress Management

Learning A Lesson From Slowing Down

After we’ve been sick, and the body has purged any toxins, do we ever really return to normal?

I believe illness is caused by emotional reasons.  When I haven’t been dealing with something, it’s like I’m made to stop and take notice.

When I was busy, I didn’t notice any feelings of upset or anger. What happened when I was forced to take days off by a sinus and chest infection?  All these feelings came up to be dealt with.

Added to that, it’s the summer solstice.   I follow a woman called Elizabeth Peru on Facebook and subscribe to her weekly tip-off report.  She has been talking about the solstice being a reset or a review point midway through 2015.  She says a lot of people have been unwell in the lead up to solstice as they prepare for reset.

This has certainly been true for me.  Yesterday I journaled my emotions to see what’s going on. I tried to find the lesson in the sickness, where the upset and anger was coming from. I wanted to learn what it had to teach me.

And I did.  I learned that my life has changed immensely since the Winter Solstice.  I learned that the goals I set at the start of the year are no longer valid.  I learned I needed to get sick so I would stop and reset new goals for the rest of the year.  (As a sidenote, one of my new goals is more time off so I can listen to my body’s messages without getting sick.)

The next time you’re sick, ask yourself “What’s my lesson here? What is my body trying to teach me by slowing me down?”. 

You may be surprised by the answer.


2 thoughts on “Learning A Lesson From Slowing Down

  1. It’s so good to listen to our inner wisdom – and hard to do when we are rushing around. Glad you had an opportunity to sit with your feelings and sift through to the message šŸ™‚ Good luck with your new goals!


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