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Some Reiki questions answered

Lovely blog by Lizzie Carver answering common Reiki questions.

Lizzie Carver

The work that I do with clients tends to be focussed on a small number of specific areas – I recently wrote about the work I do with people struggling with phobia and, in particular, bird phobia.  I use a number of different approaches and this post about Reiki is one of a series giving some background information to the various ways in which I work with clients.  (Follow the links for the posts about EFTMatrix Reimprinting and NLP.)

Another very important strand of my work is to share and teach Reiki.  The clients who come to me for a Reiki session are, typically, feeling really exhausted and in need of deep relaxation and recharging.  This exhaustion may have physical or emotional roots, but the process of sharing Reiki is the same, whatever the client’s concerns.

As June sees another Reiki Awareness week, I have written this post to answer a few of…

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