Stress Management

Sometimes you don’t realise the weight of something you’ve been carrying until you feel the weight of its release

Sometimes you don’t realise the weight of something you’ve been carrying
until you feel the weight of its release.
– Unknown.

Emotional stress can cause knots in muscles,   Muscle knots are sections within the various muscles of the body that have constricted and create pain that is consistent.   “Myofascial trigger points” is the scientific name for muscle knots.

The main theory explaining how muscle knots form is that something triggers a reaction where the muscle never relaxes. The muscle is always in a state where it appears to be actively rather than passively in use. The constant active condition of the muscle leads to muscle spasms, which in turn acts as the root cause the muscle knot.

This year, the release of emtotional stress caused knots in my back which left me feeling fatigued and I had low energy and had difficulty sleeping.   I’ve achieved four major goals: I’ve paid off two loans, changed my car and with my Enterprise Allowance at an end, I’m now off social welfare!  Wanting to achieve these goals were weighing on me for almost five years.

So I had knots, fatigue, low energy and difficulty sleeping.   I knew it was caused by emotional stress, so what did I do? Being an experienced holistic therapist, I took my own advice and went for a massage. The massage therapist was fantastic. The first time I went to her on July 3rd, I was so tight that she could only do a gentle massage.   Three weeks later, on July 25th, I went back and she was able to do a deeper massage and really get out the knots.

My shoulders are freer, I have more energy and last night I had a fantastic nights sleep.

Regular maintenance massages are so important to keep the body free from the effects of stress. I know from experience, you don’t realise how something is taking a toll on your body until you get a massage or until something is achieved.

There is no need to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. Look after yourself by regularly visiting your holistic therapist.