Stress Management

Finding a way to relieve busyness

Busyness is a big part of life. There can be so many things pulling at your attention . . . work, family, friends, volunteering, bills, health, the list is endless.

One of my clients, Mary, manages the busyness of life by giving me a call every six weeks. When she rings, she’s feeling overwhelmed, busy and fatigued.

As a solution, I bring my chair to Mary’s home and give her a thirty minute Indian head massage. To help create a relaxing atmosphere, I have gentle music playing in the background. Mary sits on the chair, and I ask her to close her eyes, and to give herself permission to relax for the next thirty minutes.

An Indian head massage includes massage of the upper back, upper arms, neck and head. The shoulders are notorious for holding onto stress. Our arms do a lot of work every day. Tension builds up and we become so used to it that we don’t realise its there, until a massage therapist works on the arms, and releases that tension. The neck and face also hold onto a lot of tension. I use massage techniques such as effleurage and petrissage to release all the tension.

At a physical level, the massage increases blood flow to the head, neck and shoulders. This nourishes the tissues and helps them relax. Lymphatic flow is also increased, and this takes away toxins and waste products that build up in muscles. The muscles are relaxed which relieves muscular tension, soreness and fatigue. Breathing slows down and deepens, which promotes rest, relaxation and sleep.

On a mental and emotional level, massage helps relieve mental fatigue and promotes clearer  thinking. It helps create a feeling of balance and calm.

After the massage, Mary feels relaxed, sleepy and chilled out. She continues relaxing for a couple of hours after the massage, and the next day she feels focused and able to handle the busyness of life again.

*Due to the confidential nature of my business, I change the names of clients for my blog. In my blogs, female clients are called Mary and male clients are called Tom.

My name is Tracy Fitzgerald. I help people manage their wellness so they can enjoy their lives more. I practice Indian head massage, reiki and meditation. I also teach stress management. I have a treatment room in Castlebar and I offer a home visit service covering a 30 mile radius from Castlebar. I also have gift vouchers available.